Bergen Assembly 2019 successfully concludes with over 43.000 visits

Last Sunday, Bergen Assembly 2019 titled Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead concluded successfully with over 43.000 visits.


Call For Applications

Bergen Assembly seeks a director to lead the organisation into the future as one of Norway’s most vital international platforms for contemporary art.


The List

Compiled and updated each year by UNITED for Intercultural Action, an anti-discrimination network, The List traces information relating to the deaths of 36,570 people who have lost their lives within or on the borders of Europe since 1993 due to state policies (documented as of 1 April 2019). In collaboration with Bergen Assembly 2019, the Norwegian daily metropolitan newspaper Bergensavisen disseminates The List as an insert and online today, 7 June 2019.


Become an Assembler and Get a Trip

Would you like to gain work experience in the art field? Expand your knowledge of contemporary art and critical culture? Learn new skills? Become part of a creative team? Expand your network and make friends? Join our team of assemblers to experience Bergen Assembly from behind the scenes!


Bergen Assembly 2019 Opens New Space

Bergen Assembly 2019, Actually, The Dead Are Not Dead, begins its public programme on 5 April and 6 April 2019 with two introduction days and the opening of Belgin [ˈbælgən], a new space in Bergen’s city centre.


Bergen Assembly 2019

Exhibitions and Events
Opening Days 5.–8.9.2019

Hans D. Christ and Iris Dressler, the artistic directors or conveners of the upcoming Bergen Assembly, have invited ten artists, curators, theorists and activists to form with them a core group that develops the contents and formats of the Bergen Assembly 2019 in a collective process: Murat Deha Boduroğlu, Banu Cennetoğlu, María García, Hiwa K, Katia Krupennikova, Viktor Neumann, Paul B. Preciado, Pedro G. Romero, Simon Sheikh, and Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa.


Iris Dressler and Hans D. Christ announced

Bergen assembly is very pleased to announce Iris Dressler and Hans D. Christ, directors of Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart, as the conveners of the third edition. Under the working title Bergen Assemblies 2017–2019, they conceive this edition as an open, collective, and decentralized project that operates and appears in various densities between 2017 and 2019.